Some firms have a CNC Machine; Some have skilled craftsmen. We have both.

Timber construction and framing as an alternative to traditional wood, metal and concrete is on the rise. The art you bring to the craft is inherent to its success. We look forward to working with you and your clients.



A family owned firm with decades of experience in commercial, residential and public sector projects.

With a CNC machine equipped to handle standard woodworking cuts and the most complex demands of modern architecture – one of only four of its particular model in the United States when purchased in 2019 – our ability to partner with architects and designers has never been better.


Our sister company, ProCon is one of the largest framing companies of commercial mixed use developments along the Wasatch front.  

In today’s construction world honesty, integrity and ethics are hard to come by. Milestone Timberworks brings all three of those principles to work every day. We at Big Canyon Homes only work with the best tradesman in the industry and we are proud of our work relationship with Milestone. Hands down Milestone Timberworks is at the top of their game!

Paul Berman, President

We are committed to continued growth, innovation and excellence.

We respect the finite resources of our partners, clients, community and world and accept the responsibility of stewardship for the same. By doing business right, blending technology heart and skill we create spaces for life’s best.